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Targa Tas 2011 TV report
Posted : 30/09/2011
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Targa Tasmania celebrated its 20th anniversary in April this year and the TV coverage that aired in most parts of Australia last weekend proved just how big the event is, by packing all the action into 90 minutes of tarmac rally action.
Tarmac magazine has put together a full media report on the exposure of the major competitors, and while we don't cover everyone in the report, we have tried to cover the major players and the top cars in each class.
Topping the list is Tasmania's David Cooper and his Torana A9X, also Tarmac's #12 cover car and runner-up in Classic, beating out international WRC and Porsche driver Walter Rohrl. Andrew Miedecke's third place made it a clean sweep of the top three coverage for the Classic category.
Jim Richards ranked fourth. Interestingly, 2011 event winner, Tony Quinn, ranked only seventh in coverage, somewhat reflecting his dominant performance.
Late Classic Duane Rodgers got the least coverage of all the class winners, with 16 seconds, while Tony Sullens, two-time winner of the event and 4th outright, received three seconds.
Across the classes, Modern and Classic were fairly evenly split, with a large gap back to the minor categories. Another interesting note was that Showroom, despite the domination of Brendan Reeves' Mazda3 winning by almost 15 minutes, recieved almost twice as much as 4WD Showroom, where there was three different leaders.
As a class, Early Modern and Late Classic were the least covered.

Targa Tas 2011 TV coverage breakdown
1. David Cooper, Torana A9X, 2nd Classic               4m:05s
2. Walter Rohrl, Porsche 911, Prominent driver         3:50
3. Andrew Miedecke, Capri, Classic leader                3:43
4. Jim Richards, Porsche 911, Prominent driver         3:42
5. Graham Kent, Flag car                                        3:30
6. Tesla feature story                                               3:09
7. Tony Quinn, Nissan GT-R, 1st Modern            3:06
8. Dick Johnson, Corvette, Prominent driver           2:53
9. David Ayers, Nismo 400R, Feature story            2:06
10. Rex Broadbent, Porsche 911, 1st Classic       1:55
11. Brendan Reeves, Mazda3 MPS, 1st S'room   1:51
12. Jason White, Lamborghini, 2010 winner           1:36
13. Dean Herridge, Subaru STi, ATC winner          1:33
14. Paul Freestone, FJ Holden, 2nd E Classic         1:24
=15. Paul Batten, Volvo PV544, 2010 winner         0:58
=15. Matt Close, Audi TT RS, running 2nd            0:58
17. Steve Glenney, Mazda RX-8 SP, 08 winner      0:56
18. Matt Sims, Nissan GT-R, 2nd Modern              0:48
=19. Matt Heskin, Evo X, 4WD S'room leader*     0:47
=19. John Ireland, Porsche 911, Classic*                0:47
21. Blaise Paris, Evo VI, 1st Early Modern             0:42
22. Jack Waldron, Fiat Abarth, 1st E.Classic      0:41
23. Scott Millar, Evo X, 1st 4WD Showroom       0:35
=24. Mike Sinclair, Skoda Octavia, 2nd S'room      0:33
=24. Kevin Weeks, Lamborghini, Modern               0:33
26. Nick Ellis, Porsche 911, 2nd Late Classic          0:24
27. Porsche 60th anniversary feature                        0:23
28. Kim Illman, Evo IX, Modern*                            0:22
29. Adam Newton, Early Modern                             0:20
30. Scott Kent, Ford Mustang, 4th Early Classic      0:18
31. Duane Rodgers, Porsche 911, 1st L.Classic    0:16
=32. John Siddins, Datsun 240Z, 4th Classic           0:15
=32. Tony Warren, Evo IX, 2nd 4WD S'room          0:15
34. Andrew Richmond, R34 GT-R, 2nd E.Modern  0:12
35. Tony Rullo, Nissan GT-R, 9th Modern<             0:09
36. Peter Ullrich, Jensen CV8, 6th Classic                0:09
37. Ric Shaw, Mazda RX-7, 3rd Early Modern         0:06
38. Andrew White, Volvo 122, 3rd E.Classic            0:05
39. Tony Sullens, Subaru STi, 4th Modern                0:03
* = mostly crash footage
< = service footage only
Bold = class winners

Targa Tas 2011 by Class (excluding features, approx)
Modern                    16m:39s
Classic                     15:42
Early Classic            2:28
Showroom                2:25
4WD Showroom      1:37
Early Modern           1:20

Disclaimer: this report is a guide for reference only and not to be used as an official source. Tarmac has not detailed every car shown on the TV coverage in its report and times are approximate.

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